Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big news from the Magnolia Down Under Store, we have had a name change and now we are called Tickled Pink Stamps. Why change the name I hear you ask... yep, I did, well it is because Kellie is expanding the store and adding some new stamps, Kraftin' Kimmi (I love these), Sweet November, Baby buds and lots more as well as the new fairy tale collection from Magnolia which will be available soon!
The stores domain name will change next week from to
So head on over to the store and check out all the fabulous new stock, and it's on sale too so grab yourself a a coffee {for while your shopping hahah}

Im so proud and happy for Kellie, this is going to be a fantastic journey and Im so glad I get to take it with her. Love ya babes!
I will be back later with my oh alice post and will be back hopefully tomorrow evening or monday with a card showing of some of the new fabulous stamps at Tickled pink!


Kellie Winnell

Naaaw well I wouldn't had been able to do it without your support and advice and listening to me waffle on about my ideas and always there for me. So a BIG thank you to YOU babes!
Luvs Ya xxx


You girls are so wseet to each other awhhh.
I am sad to hear you step down from mdu:( oh you made me sad.
Don't leave us for ever. I will try hard joining you at Anya Ink FOR SURE!!((HUGS))

OK NOW THAT I HAVE A BIG KNOT ON MY THROAT.I need to get rid of it by getting happy again lol!ON to your card.GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! GEEZ GIRL I THINK Australia has all the yummy paper over there!Your paper is so beautiful and so is your cutie little girl.What a work of art.I will come and visit you again to see your next creation.HAPPY EASTER!!!RubyM:)

(WAFFLING AGAIN))!!!sorry:)♥