Thursday, March 12, 2009

My long weekend.

On the weekend I finally got to meet the Gorgeous Kellie Winnell, we have been chatting and talking alll night since we first found each others blogs in FEb. After all the talking we get along sooo well and now we are roomies at Convention SO EXCITED!! Anyway so we decided to meet in the city for lunch and were also going to be meeting Ramona & Debbie. Debbie sadly couldnt make it (but looking forward to meeting Debbie at convention gosh we are going to have soo much fun!), but Ramoa did so the 3 of us went and had a lovely lunch at Crown mmmm YUMMO buffet all you can eat! The pic below is of Kellie and myself while we were waiting for Ramona to arrive. Cant wait for April as Kellie is coming over for a CRAFT weekend 1 week before convention where we will endeavour to make our swaps, watch Twilight (I have only seen it at movies 5 times!!) and chat and maybe make some candles too :) Also looking forward to the Idea of maybe Keesh coming to Melb later in the year for a weekend...hope you have started warming hubby up to the idea Keesh LOL.
Kristy xo



Stampin friends are the best huh? I wish that I was coming to convention to meet all of the creative people I meet on line! Bummer, you guys will have a ball!


Wow aren't you lucky.
Here i am super busy and you are out galavanting.
hmmmmm how nice to go out to lunch and just relax
Stamping friends are just the best.

Ramona Michaluk

Hey Princess! You two look great in this photo - thanks for a day full of fun! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did - see you again soon.
Ramona xx