Monday, February 8, 2010


Hello all, I would normally say Happy Monday!! But no not so happy, more like tired Monday! Last week was my DD's 9th birthday and spent most of the week prepping for her party! LOL the things we do for our kids huh. Then Sunday night my poor lil 2yo came down with a fever and a rash and was just MISERABLE!! he was awake and crying until 4am!! Took him to the doctors today and he has very swollen tonsils, so he has medication now but of course it doesnt work straight away and all day he has been just cudling and dribbling on me cause it hurts to swallow. I just hate when the kids get sick, U fell so helpless dont you. Anyway I had planned today to cartch up on challenges and my MDUC card {which is LATE} but I just dont think it will happen for a few days until he starts to feel better :(
So there you have it, you now know why I have been MIA! Anyway so the challenge this week at Magnolia Down Under Challenge is Pink & Grey! Below is a pic of the fabulous price so make sure you pop over here to check it out.!

My signature seems to have taken a vacation again, and Im too tired to figure it out LOL.




Oh Kristy, hope your little one is feeling much better soon, poor thing, hope he sleeps better tonight, so you can get some sleep to, sending cyber hugs, take careX:)


Oh no.. sorry to hear about your poor lil son!! Hope he is feeling MUCH better soon!!
Hope you are able to get some rest too! (hugs) xxx


You poor thing, hope the little one starts feeling better soon and you get some rest too, take care!!

Jodie from Oz

Kristy, I have been thinking of you & hoping all is well, so sorry your little one is feeling so poorly and feels better real soon and hope you catch up on your sleep. Sending huge hugs, Jodie from Oz


It was a bitter-sweet week for you. Your baby girl's birthday and then your actual baby getting terribly sick. We do go above and beyond with our kids. Making sure they have a fabulous birthday and then of course being there for them when they're sick. Not getting any sleep so they can and 'letting' them drool on you because it's ok when they're sick and you're a Mum! Well done Mum!! Take some time out and look after yourself so then hopefully you don't fall down ill!

Kylie ox


So sorry your little boy is sick. I hope he gets better soon and that you all get some sleep. Take care!


Kristy I hope your son gets to feeling better soon!! I hate it when my kids gets sick, other than holding them and catering to their every want and need you feel helpless!!! So I'm sending him Get Well Soon Wishes!!! I hope your DD had a wonderful birthday!! Birthday party always wear me out!!
Hope you get some rest also!!

Pam Varnell

Hope the kiddos get better soon. Bless them. Nothing worse than your babies being sick. I was wondering where you had been. Yes, you have been missed. Take care of yourself and that precious family.


I hope your little guy is feeling better soon :( Lots of naps for the kids and the kids' mommy too!!


Hi Kristy, I hope your baby boy is feeling better today. Take care of him and give him the best medicine of all...LOVE. I know you're already doing that. ~Chelsea


AWHH imm sorry yeah i agree bitter sweet. Your poor boy needs you, i hate when they get sick. Nothing like momies attention so don't worry about your card right now .Let's hope your son gets better very soon.wERE THINKING OF YOU and see you soon ok. Take care RubyM:)

Debbie Pamment

Hopefully Tuesday will be a happier day for you all - Poor Jaxson - hope he's feeling better. I know how helpless we feel - wish we could take on their troubles!
Take care lovely lady - or should I now call you Princess Drool - sorry - have a really inappropriate sense of humour sometimes!!!!

Kellie Winnell

Naaaw I hope that your poor little man is better soon :( Nothing worse than a sick little child when you can't do anything to make it go away for them. Give him a BIG cuddle from "wal" lol! I hope that you get your much needed sleep soon because I could tell how tired you were last night while chatting. Take Care of yourself as well as Jaxon.
Luvs ya babe,


Oh, Sweetie, I hope he feels better soon!! :-)Traci


OMG I hope your little boy is better soon and that your daughter had a wonderful birthday!!! Take care!!