Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crazy CRAZY Summer weather!

Did I say CRAZY haha! As you know its summer here in Australia, and we have been having stinkin hot weather to max 113 farenheit. And well Yesterday My lovely town decided to have some freakishly HEAVY rain, thunder and lightening it was VERY scary! Anyway I thought I would share some pics of what I have been doing the last 2 days!! And what I will be doing probably for the rest of the weekend :(

So this is a picture of a road in my town as I was driving. As u can see its complet under water.
Then we get home and go ok house is ok rain stops.....20 mins later starts again and OMG was bad and this is the result our garage!
My Dinning table and computer area!!! Yes the water and mud came inside eeek!! Just fYI I normally have WHITE tiles!
I have a video here on face book of when this was a flowing river!! Which is how it came in house, this is after rain dried up a bit, cause it was still very hot while raining.
This was my drivway today in the morning, was impossible to get the kids to school clean hehe
And here is my youngest having some fun in the mud, this is our concreted driveway covered in mud!

So there you have it, I have had the CRAZIEST week, from sick kids to flooding house and garden, we literally had a river flowing down our street, my dog started floating out the front {dont worry we saved her} one of the kids toys is all the way at the bottome of our street! My house smells like wet smelly swamp! It started to rain AGAIN today and we started to flood again, lucky we had tons of brooms still here from all our neighbours who came to help, we also had the State emergency service here helping. So when it started again today we just kept sweeping the water away so it wouldnt come in house.
I just saw on the news too that the doctors surgery we were at right before rain started, the docs roof caved in, and it was the consultation room we were in FEW cause i would have had a heart attack if i was in there lol. Our local shopping centre room also caved in from the rain.
Oh did I mention our hotwater system got flooded and we have no hot water NOOOOOOOOO!! Although they do say mud is a great antioxidant hahahah dont they?? So lucky we have home and contents insurance, they came out today and we are getting floors cleaned, carpet replaced etc and they checking our computer too {So glad I have a laptop} Oh and the best news of all my CRAFT stuff survived haha not a drop on any of it PHEW!
So sadly I have had to miss out on joining in on some of my fav challenges :( and commenting on blogs. Once we have our house back without all the mud, I will be back to creating, who knows I think I might even need a mud break tomorrow to create something to de stress myself hahah.



OMG!!! VIC is sooo crazy. I'm just glad you are all ok. (even your pooch! Yeah, ok, even your precious craft stuff ). Didn't realise you were having so much rain. Haven't heard from my family but they live a bit away from you. Mmmm, maybe I should call.
I feel for you with all that clean up. And what do you need to clean it up with? Yep, more WATER!!!
Take care.

Kylie xo


Oh Kristy! You poor bugger! Thank goodness everyone (including the puppy dog) are all OK. And that you have insurance. Fingers crossed everything is sorted out soon for you - and that it STOPS raining.

Take care,
Kylie K

Debra James

Wow Kristy, what shocking weather you Vics are having. So nuch rain and here in the West we are having a long dry time with no rain still in sight. I feel sooo sorry for you and cant even start to contemplate the clean up.Hang in there and I hope u do find some time to de-stress. Hugs xxxx

Kellie Winnell

OMG i can not believe that is your driveway! Can you have that cleaned up before I get there next week or should I wear my gumboots hehe! How scary I would had been packing it! Lucky you have such a support system. Best of lucky cleaning all that mess. I think our craft weekend is MUCH needed babe, you need some Kellie time, hehe. Not that it's relaxing blah blah yabba yabba.
Don't go burning yourself out.
Hugs hun, love ya xx.


OMG so sorry for that, I'm happy that all you are all safe.
Mag :)


Oh Kristy you are being tested, Rosanna got off the school bus yesterday flapping that rabbits would have been flooded, because it was bad at school, they had been on 'lockdown' at school and not allowed out of their rooms. She had said it was horrendous and we hadn't had a drop. Soooooo glad all your wonderful craft stuff is safe and sound. So can't believe your driveway looks like you have just built and not got the drive done. Hope you are sorted soon, take careX:)


Gosh Kirsty when it rains over there it really rains doesnt it. Ive never experienced flooding but it looks a nightmare! Im glad though that everyone is ok and you managed to save the dog. I dont know how you do it but you seem really calm and unfazed - thats an awesome way to be in the face of this kind of thing. Hope it all gets sorted soon
love tasha xx


Oh Kristy, what a disaster of a week! You poor thing! Your pictures really show what a nightmare you've just been through .....I really hope things get cleaned up quickly and that normal service is resumed in your household!! Thank goodness your craft stuff was saved - that was a close one, lol!!!
Hugs, Danielle


OMG Kristy.. You poor thing to have all that mess to clean up.. Must be so upsetting seeing the house like that..Poor Puppy.. I was just thinking if that my my dog. her legs are so long she'd stpe over everything..LOL.. Hope it all gets sorted soon for you.. thinking of you.. Bec xx


OMG Kristy!! I just feel for you and your family!! I couldn't imagine going through all this!! I am so glad everyone is okay and your house isn't destroyed!! The cleaning is going to take forever!! Hopefully after all these bad things that has happened something wonderful is coming your way!! You all are having a crazy summer and here in the US we are having a crazy winter!! Luckily I live in Tennessee so here it's not too bad, but the northern part is getting more snow than they have had in decades!!! So glad you have great neighbors to help!!


Gald to hear you and your family and pooch are ok! I cannot believe the damage that water does..not fair that mother nature does this!
Take care and look forward everything getting much better for you and your family!

the whimsical butterfly

OH you poor thing!!!! I am SO sorry about your garage-hopefully your house is OK!?!?! Yikes! Keep us posted and I'll be thinking of you!!!!


I feel so sorry for you. Hope everything will be ok for you in not too much time. Take care!
Hugs Ingrid


OMG Kristy that is awful!!! So glad you're all OK and you're covered by insurance! Must have been a terrible shock. Hope you get it all sorted out asap and that rain stops! big hugs, Jane xxx


OH MY GOODNESS - you poor thing. Glad you all are okay (and the craft stuff!). I hope the insurance can sort things out quickly and with the rain still coming down out my way, I hope it doesn't come in again today. After the last week, things have got to get better!!!!

Debbie Pamment

You pooooooor thing!!!! Do you need help - I can come over this weekend with a mop and gumbies?!?!?! What an experience - what a Summer! Glad you can see some humour in it all - but then that's our gal! stressed and still smiling - with her crown on now doubt - LOL! Can I have some of what you're on!!!! Luvya and am here to help if you need it!!!
mwah mwah!

Tracey Feeger

Gosh Kristy. What a disaster. Thank heavens for insurance. Glad things will move quickly for you to get things replaced.


Oh Kristy it's terrible!! (hugs) hope the insurance ppl do move quickly! Sounds like you might need some time out to craft! Thinking of you .. what a week!


Me again Kristy. Left an award on my blog for you to cheer you up :)

Hugs, Kylie xo


Goodness!! What a mess to deal with! I'm thinking of you!!


OMGosh, I would have freaked out. I am so sorry to see your house like that. Glad that you are all safe and sound, but OMGosh. I sure hope that the rain has stopped for you guys. Take care. I will be keeping you in my prayers. Lisa G


Wow, those pictures are amazing. Not a nice thing to go thru - glad you are all ok. All the best with the cleaning - hope you get a well deserved break at the end of it all. Take care x

Nikki Bond

Holy looks like you did get hit with some crazy amounts of rain! That is insane!!!... I hope everything in your garage survived! We actually got some snow today so the whole town is practically shut down! {SMILES}


How crazy!!! Last year Aus is burning, this year, flooding!! Thank goodness you have insurance, but that doesn't make a garage full of water go away, sadly. I hope you can get back to your "regularly scheduled programming" soon deary, and that you've found a nice hot shower to use too!!
Take Care,


OH Kristy...Girl, I am sooooo sorry!!! My heart is breaking for you!!! Please know that you are in my prayers and I will be thinking of and praying for you daily!! WOW!!
Hugs my friend - LORi


Oh, Kristy, I am sending you good thoughts and best wishes! :-)Traci

Loz (Aus)

Wow! I hope clean up wasn't too difficult... don't you just love Australian weather! On a serious note... who are you insured through? We're been told 'no-one covers flood anymore' by our local broker and as we live along the Murray, I'd really like to know a company that will!