Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kristy's Must Read Thursday #2

Welcome back for another Must Read Thursaday!! I am so excited to share today's book!! OMG read it in 2 days...probably would have read sooner If I wasnt meant to be moving house LOL. I had heard so many good reviews about this book, serveral of the girls in my book club said I must read it... so I down loaded it onto my kindle and thought I bet I will be let down because there is such a good hype and reviews by this book....but OMG was I wrong, I could not put this down from the veru first few words I was captured {I love when a book does that, you know its going to be a good one when you are captured from only a few words} so this book is about Anna a teacher who decided to take a holiday job tutoring a 16 year old boy, the family pay for her and TJ to fly to the Maldives to join the rest of the family where Anna will spend her time tutoring TJ helping him catch up on all the work he missed from having Cancer. But on their way to a small island Male in the maldives their seaplane crashes and TJ and Anna are left alone on the Island to fend for themselves.
Watching the beatituful realtionship grow between them and wanting to know if they get rescued is part of the reason why you have to keep reading. I have never laughed out loud or cried from a book before it was that amazing.  You can buy your Kindle version from Amazon here and check out the Goodreads reviews here. Trust me you wont regret picking up this book, you must go buy it.
Im am so excited for Tracey Garvis-Graves to bring out her next book called "Covet" which I think is due out in October? you can read about it here on Goodreads Its a whole new story and if her writting is anywhere as good as it is in "On the Island" then I must have it.



Read this recently,a great book. Have you read Me before You, it's a must.
HUGZ Fleur xXx


Thanks for the review Kristy... I have just down loaded onto my iPad ready to go when I have finished the book I am on now