Monday, October 8, 2012

Herbalife Cellular Nutrition

Happy Monday! I just wanted to share with you what I am up to lately :) I have become a distributo for Herbalife Cellular nutrition products. Herbalife was created by Mark Hughes after his mother died from a overdose on diet pills after years and years of yoyo dieting. So Mark wanted to create a safe healthy weight loss alternative. Herbalife have been around for 30 years and are helping millions of people acheive their weight loss goals as well as maintain their weight. We also have products just for people wanting that extra get up and energy, or for people wanting to beef up and build muscle we have a program for that too. I will share with you my week one before and after pic its AMAZING!!! I started using the products as since getting back from Bali in April i have put on 7kg and just feeling very flat no energy and waking up with headaches every day! I was a 4 coffee person drinker a day....I now have not had coffee in 2 weeks since I started! I have so much energy and have lost over 2kg and 20 cms!! Come check out my face book page shape it to shake it! if you want more info click here. you will find more wow photos on my page too.  OH OH and the good news, if your wanting to try our products and get to your goals for summer...or a special occasion we also ship to many OVERSEAS countries including USA!! how cool is that!

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Wow, look at you.. YOur looking fabulous!! Good for you!! I know all about putting on that 7kgs!! I lost 20kg last year and it's slowly creeping back on so today I got out and made a start again!! Hugsxx