Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've been PUBLISHED!!

How awesome was yesterdays Hoppin into the Holidays with TGF hop!!??!! Dontcha just LOVE our cheeky surprise?!
Anyhoo I cant believe I havent showed you yet, but I was published in the current CSP magazine!!! It came out November 17th!! I have a 3 page spread, below is a pic of  my 3 cards that were published I love the way they photographed them on martini glasses so cool!! Its so very exciting seeing your own cards and name in a magazine, my daughter took it to school for show n tell and all the kids thought it was the coolest...they now think Im famous hahahha.



Those cards are gorgeous!! Congrats on being published! You ARE cool!!lol!


Congratulations Kristy. Lovely cards. I like the martini glass props too.


How Exciting Kristy! They look fabulous, i don't think i have seen those cards before, I love the subtle green and black and white that you have used!

How sweet that your little girl wanted to take it in for show and tell...hehe! Hey I can now say I know someone famous as well...hehe...well in blog land at lest...hehe! Congrats Kristy!


OMG, this is AWESOME!!!! Congrats - I want to get this mag now - do they sell it over here?! LOL

Kelly Booth

Congrats fun!


Fabulous Hun!! I should send my copy down for an autograph :) Love it!!


Oh yeah...gotta go get this mag..and get my discounted mates rates autograph!!!

Aussie Loz

Congrats Kristy! You know I was checking out those cards in my SIL's mag just the other day but didn't read who made them! tsk tsk Loz!! They're gorgeous, how exciting for you and your DD!! ♥


Super Kristy! Congratulations, its a buzz seeing your name in print!

Deconstructing Jen

Congratulations Kristy! That is WONDERFUL news. I'm soooo happy for you!


Congrats Kristy! That's awesome. You will have to have it framed.


That is so awesome Kristy, congratulations!!! :)

Karyn S

I've seen this issue and just loved your creations! congratulations.
I have a blog award for you to pick up when your ready on my blog

donna mikasa

Woot! Woot! Congrats, Kristy! And it's about time! LOL! So happy for you!

Kellie Winnell

WHOOT WHOOT you already know how happy I am for you babe and heres to MANY more to come! Can't wait to show my family and it't not even me, but I can do the, I KNOW that girl hehe!

Luvs ya xxx

Kellie Winnell

God dang I just left a message and then hit publish and then Kira asked me something so not sure if it worked or not.... Take 2... WHOOT WHOOT you already know how happy I am for you, congrats babe and here's to MANY more to come! I can't wait to show the family and it's not even mine but I can say.... I know that girl hehe!

Luvs ya xxx


Kristy, How exciting! I am so happy for you! I have to say I am not surprised as you are a very talented lady... Do you know if this is available in the States? If not can I send you some money to have you buy me a copy and sign it? I would so love to see it. Again, CONGRATULATIONS! You so deserve it. And good for your daughter. I am sure she is very proud of her Mom. Hugs, Lisa G


That is awesome sugar lumps!! I am so excited to know a real live famous person!! Have the kids been hounding you for autographs!? Congrats sweetie, with talent like yours, you ought to have your own magazine!!!
hugs, stephanne


Congratulations! You are famous! I even said to my hubby (while showing him the magazine)"Kristy lives in Bacchus Marsh!" We live in Sunbury so it's sort of like next door! LOL!
Susan xxox


Congrats, the cars are really cute!