Monday, February 23, 2009

Craft space

For the past 10 months that I have been a SU demo, I have been using my kitchen table as my craft space, and well it was starting to get a little too messy and it was the first thing people would see as they walk in my front door! So after talking to Paul (my hubby) we changed our room around and made a space for a tressel table which is now my new craft space :) All Paul needs to do now is make me a shelf to hang my punches on, and workout where to store my stamps....maybe under the table? So anyway you prob want to see the pics.

So here is the old craft space, which is actually tidy compared to some days
This is my new space in my bedroom lovely!

Its so organised!

And this is now what you see as you walk in the door, a lovely clean table :)




Must feel so much better to have your own little "me" space now. I have one in our bedroom, but still manage to drag my things to the lounge room, lol. P.s that looks like a lovely candle on your table hehe :P xx

Precioso Designs

Hi Twisty Kristy!

Oh that looks so nice and organised, very pleased to see a pic of me and suzi quatro on the wall!

Paula Bear

Debbie Pamment

Hmmmmm - my space looks like that everytime I go to create - you should see the post creating pics though - LOL. But at least you have your dining table back and your own space to work - makes such a difference!
My hubby hung some shelves on the wall for my stamps - but am fast outgrowing those too!!!


wow what a great idea kristy thats so much better now you can eat at the table or fold your washing on it like i do.


Oh, it looks so lovely and neat - let's see how long that lasts! I brought some rods for my punches about 6 weeks ago, my hubby has installed one but I am still waiting for the other one to go up!


Hi Kristy

you have a great Ink Pad collection!!
I read that you were going to have your punches put on a shelf. I have mine on rails bought from IKEA. They were I think $1.95? each & about 51 cm long. My husband attached the 3 of them on the wall, one underneath the other & they are perfect to sit my punches on, so I can see them at a glance. It's hard to explain but If you wish I can send you a photo. I just think the rails are sooo much better than a shelf!:o)))
Petra downline from Jenni Oliver.
(came across your blog from A Sargeant forum)