Friday, February 20, 2009

Best blog comment awards!

well i was given this from the very talented Kellie Winnell, she is such an awesome chick and trust me if you visited her blog you too would leave nice comments as everything is amazing. So now for me to pick 5 people who leave regular lovely comments on my blog!

1. Kellie Winnell - not just cause she nominated me, she really does leave lovely comments on my blog.

2. Paula Funston - My big sister always comments on just about everything I do, i look up to her as she is soo crafty and when she comments on something i made and says she really likes it i feel proud! P.s im sure my other sister Susannah would leave more comments but she is super tied up at the moment with her 3rd bubba who doesnt like to sleep much.

3. Kerri Hunter- my upline always checks my blog and comments on my cards and everything else, she always encourages me :)

4. Keesh- she is sooo nice and leaves me the best comments and emails :)

5. Kristie Morrison - ANother awesome SU chick who leaves such nice comments and has been commenting on my blog from the very first time i started it.
Will hopefully be back tom with a new card to post that i did at this weeks SAS
Kristy xo


Precioso Designs

oh you little bugger, you made me teary! You should be proud, you are gorgeous and creative!

Love you



Naw thank you, you dag, love it. Are we going to play the throw it back and forth game, haha. Thanks Kristy :) xx


You are the sweetest lady I have ever met. Hope to be your upline for a long long time to come
You are the best


P.s LOVE your blogs new look absolutely gorgeous! xx