Sunday, February 5, 2012

So much for trying to blog more often?!?!

So I had planned on blogging once a month....hmmm life just gets way to busy sometimes. I cant believe it has been a year since I have been working for Flight Centre! What a year it has been too. Im all settled in my new house now, I have my craft desk all setup...but do you think I have used it yet?? My new years resolution is to get back into my crafting as I truly miss it, I will be happy if I make 1-2 cards a month. Im thinking if I go to paperific it will give me some mojo and great time to get back into it.
Im super excited this Wednesday the 8th Im heading to The Gold Coast for 3 days with my daughter for her birthday, we are going to have soo much fun and will be heading to movie world to go on all the fun rides.
I started personal training sessions again today...thats dedicated for a Sunday!! But need to get my but into shape before I head to Bali in April!!
For anyone who loves to read you should head over to our Chic lits blog as we are about to start discussing the february book Cinder, I have just started it.  
Anyway I will try to keep blogging, will take some pics while Im away and maybe upload them at night with my girlie is sleeping.