Thursday, October 6, 2011

My name is Kristy....and it has been 5 months since my last Blog post!!

 Im back! I cant believe it has been 5 months since I last Blogged!! WOW. So I have decided to return and get back to blogging only difference now is it wont always be crafty stuff, I will blog pics and about life in general. I Have been going through changing moments lately...I dont really know what else to call it?? Im going to use the 3 pics below to try and explain where my head space has been the past half a year.

So after 12 years together and almost 9 years of marriage my husband and I have separated. We have 3 beautiful children together who we are trying to make this as easy a transition as possible. I recently moved out of the family home and got a gorgeous little house for me and my kids. It has been a difficult time with lots of negativeness that I have tried to block out with help from some REALLY truly amazing you all know and I want to mention because one night when I rang her bawling and felt so I had no one to cry to {as my Mumma is no longer alive :( } she got in her car late at night and drove 2 hours to come hop in bed and cuddle me even though her hubby had plans the following morning which meant she had to leave early she still came. Now that is an amazing TRUE friend who was and is always there for me, big super dooper hugs and kisses to my bestie Kellie Winnell.
On a happier note, Kell and I are off on a cruise in 2 weeks for 10 days cruising the south pacific!!! Cant wait! I will definitely be blogging pics from our cruise journey heheh.
So apart from the above not much else has changed....Im still a princess hahah and now that I have cut back my hours at work to be home when the kids finish school I will hopefully have some more crafting and blogging time too./



OMGosh it said Kristy in my dashboard and I'm like SAY WHAT, haha kidding! I am so glad to see you back blogging, even known we talk all the time I miss seeing your blog in my dashy and blogging is how it all started the Princess and Waffle bond.

You bought a tear to my eye as it makes me think of that night and my heart broke for you. I would always do anything for you. It's what a best friend is for and I am always here for you.

BIG hugs xxx


P.s BRING ON THE cruise! Sun, laughter and cocktails, sounds FANtabulous if you ask me!


Wow, that certainly is a big life change for you! I wish you all the best for this transition, and can't wait to see pictures of your CRUISE!!! Awesome, have fun!


Oh Kristy, Iam so sorry to hear that you have been going through such a terrible time. I wish you and your kids all the best in this new chapter of your lives and I hope that you find your happiness again soon. Sending you all my love!


Emma and Susan

OMG....Princess, I am so sorry to hear about the rough time you have had. Your post brought a tear to my eyes...MISS YOU HEAPS...
Biggest huggles

Debbie Pamment

Hey Gorgeous! Soooo glad to see you back in blogland - even though it wasn't long ago I saw you IRL. You've had such a tough time lately and you KNOW you have people who are ALWAYS there for you.
Am loving the new look blog and I KNOW you'll come out on top - you're a Princess - it's your royal duty - LOL.
Looking forward to all those cruise snaps!
Huge Hugs and xXx


omgosh!!!! i'm sorry to hear about your life change but i'm sure it's all for the best and you know what is best of course for your and your kiddos. omg, i absolutely LOVE that story about kellie - def sounds like her - and what a sweet moment. it makes me long for a bestie like that. true friends will be there no matter what. so glad for that. i'm super uber jealous about that cruise tho!!! i know you gals are gonna have a blast!! can't wait to see pics. :D lots of luv and hugs your way!


Oh Kristy (hugs) I am so sorry to hear of your marriage separation.. and the tough time you've been having!! (HUGS)! Looking forward to seeing snaps and hearing stories from your KK Cruise!! :D
Love Sammi


Hey Kristy,
Sorry to hear you have had such a tough time lately! Life is definitely too short to be unhappy. Glad to see you back in blogland. Be well and be HAPPY!
Susan xxox

Sharon Field / Created By You

Oh my goodness.. new to your blog, and what a story you've shared. So sad! Glad that you have good friends whom you can rely on, and you're absolutely correct... life IS too short to be unhappy! Enjoy your cruise, and remember happiness begins from within... only YOU can make that happen. I will keep you in my prayers, and hope things get so much better for you that the past couple months are a distant memory!
Sharon F.


hi !
just wanted to say that you sound so brave.
The 3 picks said it al... sometimes wisch i had the guts. am i just setteling...???(hope i make any sence,lol)
big hugs!


My brave, brave (and damn HOT) Princess...broke my heart to read this and to know you've been going through a terrible time. I'm so proud that you are standing tall and being true to yourself. You are such a strong woman and I have no doubt that you and your beautiful children will power house through this together. On a brighter note... your cruise is only a couple of days away now and I know we'll being seeing lots of pics of you two hotties toghether. Enjoy hun. lots of love and hugs xoxo


Thank you! I enjoy participating in your challenges! Big fan! by pR


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