Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend with Paula

Thursday I went to visit and stay with my sister Paula, she had just arrived back home from the USA. I decided to take Madi and Mac with me so they could play with their cousins, so Paula and I could create and play with some of her new goodies she brought back! The kids were having a great time and set up camp on a big mattress in the loungeroom!

So off Paula and I went to her study aka craft room for the night and at about hmm 8.45pm Paula said wow Im really tired Im sorry Kristy I'm going to have to go to bed, i dont know what has come over me.......Um JET LAG Paula lol. So off she went to bed. I was not feeling much like creating on my own so I hopped in bed and read my book pictured below caled "Roadside sisters" by Wendy Harmer, I ended up reading until 1am lol. (Its a good book ) So anyway ooh I have not told you the goodies she got me, I got a beautiful Perfume called Ooh la la! It was in a silver pinkish glittery box just fit for a princess heheh. A Edward book mark Yummy and some Las Vegas mints with my name :)

And then Paula said ooh I have some books for you to read! OMG so excited Paula reads the best books, most the authors I read today are because of books Paula has given to me and I have then read and loved! I had to show a pic of the books cause books really do excite me just as much as crafts! I cant wait to start reading these! The two in the middle are based on summer holidays in Capecod which is one of the spots Paula holidayed at.

So onto the second night at Paula's my DD8 who is a diabetic was having low sugar readings all day which is not good cause she goes all floppy and sometimes unconscious. So all day we were feeding her icypoles, chocolate, coke bread etc trying to get her sugars up. By about 10pm when her sugars were still low and she was starting to fall asleep I was getting worried so I rang RCH (Royal Childrens Hospital) and spoke to the diabetes doc and she said ok time for emergency needleand ring a ambulance as madi was not wanting to wake up and eat!! So she instructed me to give half and then call her back in 5 mins with her reading. Anyway not sure how many of you have seen this emergency needle OMG compared to her daily syringe (her daily ones are TINY) this needle was fat and very LONG! and I said um you sure i cant draw it up in her normal needle?? hehe The doc said no you need it to go all the way in etc. So anyway it was horrible trying to get the needle to break through the skin, Madi my gorgeous girl was sooo brave! Even though she was partly out of it. So yeah I rang back and her level had dropped even lower to 1.4 and the Doc I think almost dropped her phone lol and said ok you have to give her the other half now! So anyway not long after that her levels went up to 6 which was great but they still wanted her at hospital cause they said she would go low again probably and then we wouldnt have an emergency needle with us. So hmm im waffling and trying to cut story short now lol long story a bit shorter heheh she ended up spending weekend in Hospital on a drip and we got home today YAY!!! So no cards to show as we didnt get a chance to make a thing :( Paula and I are going to have a craft weekend re do and hopefully our other sister Susannah will be able to come too! WOW if you still reading hope I didnt bore you to tears! Will be back in a couple of days hopefully with some creating and hopefully Paula will show you on her blog the cards she made and well quite a funny story about the paper she used, well funny to us anyway lol. Have a good week all!



Wow Kristy what a huge weekend. Hope little Madi feels better tomorrow. It must be awful seeing her get so low. Well done on keeping her safe.

Cheryl Joshua

OMG,I am so glad Madi is ok,it must have been hard not to panic!!!
Take care

Debbie Pamment

Sounds like a mixed weekend of fun with a big scare thrown in. Must have been great to catch up with Paula. Sooo glad Madi is OK - must have been scary for you all! Give her a big hug from me!!


Madi is not the only brave one Mum, nothing worse than seeing your own kids sick! Glad to hear a happy ending :)Shame about the crafting though, I was all geared up so see your fabbo creations!

Lynda S a fellow Type 1 diabetic sufferer...let me say...U DID GOOD. I know those "other' needles can be v v daunting...esp if unsighted before they are used!! My hubby calls them the horse needles!! Hypos suck BIG TIME, but the care, love and support of friends and family are the most improtant thing...and you are doing this foe Madi in BUCKET loads. Well done...u shd be v v proud of what u achieved.


Oh my! What a weekend you had! I am so glad Madi is ok. Must have been awfully scary...

Those books look awesome! Nothing better than curling up with a good book - except maybe making cards!

Alicia xx


Hey hun, thanks for visiting my blog xx I love your cards! they look pretty awesome!! Good luck with your new challenge blog will have to check it out :)
Yes you are a gen y scrapper ;)
come check out our site
Hope to get to know you better xx