Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Sad couple of weeks

Some of you know my Dad has been sick battling cancer, last Tuesday he went into hospital and sadly he passed away Thursday. My two sisters and myself held his hand as he left this world, it was incredibly hard but also lucky as we didnt get the chance to say goodbye to our Mum when she passed away 2 years ago very suddenly at age 53. Yesterday Was our Dads funeral and it was such a hard day and also just didnt seem fair, it felt like only yesterday that we were there doing the same thing for our Mum. I am so honoured to have known and loved my Mum and Dad and I have so many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. I wanted to share just a couple of pics of my Dad as a tribute to his recent Passing. I also want to send out a HUGE thank you to all my family, friends who have supported my sisters and I and another thank you to my Stampin up family who have showed support in so many ways, with hand made cards, phone calls, and lovely emails.

This is my Dad and his dog Daisy (who I think she thinks she is human as she slept in bed with him everynight since Mum died and even gets a roast chook at the dinner table) This was a family Holiday in Halls Gap we took in July 2008. This is my Dad with me and my sisters.
Proud Poppy with all his grandkids, who will miss their poppy John very much!
This is my gorgeous Mum & Dad who will be in my heart and memories forever xoxo



Kristy you know that my thoughts have been with you from the start. Those memories are something that you will cherish forever and never let go. The photos are gorgeous and show the love and family bond that your proud father had for you all. He was blessed to have such amazingly caring daughters. I'm sure he is now at peace with your mum and they will both be watching over you and be so proud of whom you are and the person you'll always be. You know I'm here for you day or night, always am and always will be, that's what friends are for and you my Princess are an amazingly strong person and gorgeous friend and I am lucky to be able to refer to you as one of my closest friends.
Love always,
Kelx aka Waffle ( I still think we need to work on that?!)

Debbie Pamment

This is a beautiful tribute to your dad - he would have been soo proud of his lovely girls I'm sure! And what a legacy - look at all those wonderful Grandkids!
You know my thoughts are with you, Susannah and Paula!
Love to you all


So sorry for your loss Kristy, I had a tear when I read your blog. I really don't know what to write, what do you say to some-one when you know the pain they are in ! Life can be so hard some-times, the good thing is we were all made to recover, so each day you have will be easier though you will never forget, but you know all this because you have been through it before which I think in some ways would make it harder.
My love an thoughts are with you and your family.
from one of your blog sisters,
Sue x
the warmest hugs are sent to you.

Debbie Pamment

There's a little something for you on my blog when you are ready!
Take care!


Hi Kristy!

Those words were so beautiful......I sat here with a tear in my eye reading!! Your dads little dog looks like a sweety - who has her now? I have 2poodles who also think their human!!lol

Take care and just know I'm thinking of you!

Luv K


Oh Kristy, When I just saw this I burst in to tears as I really know your pain.. I am so sorry you have had to go through this at such a young age.. The only way that gets me through the days after loosing someone to cancer is to know they are not in pain anymore....Your pictures are just beautiful and it is so wonderful that you have them to look back on..Sending you the Biggest Warmest Hug in the world.. and just know I am thinking of you.. Take Care, Bec xxx

Cheryl Joshua

SO SO Sorry for your loss Kristy,its so hard losing one parent,but two.This is a beautiful tribute and there is so much courage in your words.Take care,my thoughts are with you and your family.

Nikki Bond

Ahhh are your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I cannot even begin to imagine how you must feel. Just know that I am so sorry for your loss and hope better days are ahead of you soon. {HUGS}


Oh dear...I am SO SORRY! I have been thinking of you a LOT and my thoughts and prayers are still going out to you and your sisters! Please know I'm here for you! You are one amazing gal! I am SO SORRY for your loss! Lots of love being sent your way!!!!

Irene Lowe

Kristy, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. It is a lovely tribute and so nice to see the photos of you all together. So many great memories. Take care, Irene Lowe


oh Kristy that was such a lovely post. You bought tears to my eyes
Know that i am here for you always.
Call me any time.


I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. He sounds like a wonderful dad and I'm sure you have the fondest of memories. Thinking of you and may God give you strength to get thru this difficult time. Take care x


Dear Princess,

So sorry to hear about your loss of your father. It must have been such a hard week for you and your family. Take care of yourselves and hug your beautiful children.

Thinking of you


Love the new blog.

Butternut Sage Designs

Kristy please accept my heartfelt condolences. I am so sad for you, and hope that you will be peaceful very soon. You presented such a nice tribute to your parents, I think they must have been very proud of you. God bless you and take care during this time. ~Donna

Sarah-Jane Kale'

Hi Kristy

A beautiful, Beautiful post. You sound so very strong. It's so nice to hear you remember the wonderful things and moments about your parents. I'm so very sure they will be looking down upon you with a smile on their faces.
Sending you lots of hugs.


fiona Harrison

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad, and so soon after losing your Mum. May the love and support of your family & friends, and your beautiful memories, help you through,
Fiona (a blog fan) xox


I am so sorry and saddened to read this honey...I will email you soon, but until then remember that you are in my thoughts and prayers xoxoxox

Kathryn Mangelsdorf

Hi Kristy,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this very sad time.

Charmaine Black

What an amazing post Kristy, I have a sick father who is many miles away in England, I hope I can have your grace and strength when his time comes to pass. You have given your wonderful dad a beautiful tribute and thank you for sharing this with us. May your memories help to heal your heart, take care, lots of inky hugs from Charmaine xx

Andrea Eppingstall

I'm so sorry for your loss(es) Kristy. What a lovely post. I hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday too.

Hugs, Andrea E :)


What a beautiful tribute to your dad. That must of been a really hard post to write. They seem like such special memories. I wish to send my deepest sympathy to you and your family. You are all in my prayers. They are such lovely pictures.



Kristy, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Father!
Praying for you and your family!


Hey Princess,

Love the photos of your Dad, and your wonderful tribute. He sure sounds like such a wonderful man who will be missed by so many, and especially you.
I know that nothing I say will take that hurt and pain away, but do know that I am thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. I hope that with time, you will feel like you have the strength to go on.
Lots of love, your friend Keesh x


I should have thoroughly stalked out your blog before opening my trap about parents... This is really beautiful though and I am proud to know such a strong, positive person. Hugs to you!!