Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Back!

Well I'm back trying to get into the swing of things again and trying to find where my mojo ran off too!! Anyway I had a little get together today for my Birthday! Below is a pic of the kitchen table where we ate the scalloped poatato's I baked although it was more like scalloped soup!!
LOL. After lunch we started creating and eating Yummy Chocoalte mousse Birthday cake (Thanks Debbie & Kell ) and home made lemon meringue (Thanks Debbie) heheh. In the pic below is Kellie Winnell, Gabbie Coburn, Yvonne Campbell, Debbie Pammet, Ramona M, Kerri Hunter and Sharon Sweet! Oh and my youngest son Jaxson keeping my seat warm and eating my lunch heheh. I had an absolutly fabulous day with all these gorgeous ladies, thanks so much for coming guys and thanks for my gorgeous pressie's and hand made cards mwah! I havent linked names as im tired its 1am and all the people I have mentioned are in my blog list on the sidebar :) Anyway back to it, waffle has come to stay with me for the whole weekend (for those of you who dont know waffle is Kellie hehe) We are sitting in bed at the moment doing some watercolouring and watching tv. On Monday I have my first class at my kids school teaching parents how to make some gorgeous hand made cards. I decided to use Party Hearty and make one boy and one girl card. I actually got inspiration for my cards from a card I recieved about a year ago from the Lovely Keesh, so thanks for the great layout Keesh the card has turned out great.....well i think so anyway.

So here is the layout I used, an dthis is the card Keesh made me.
And here is my version using party hearty!
Anyway thanks for looking! Off to do some more creating and Laughing with Kell.

Have added boy card! Hope you like?


Lynda S

Hey Kristy. So happy to see that you are back up on deck. With each day...some good, some not so good, things will progress and that famous mojo of yours will be firing on full cylinders soon. You have a magical group of friends to support you and with all of that you can't go wrong. All the best with your upcoming projects and I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours soon. xx

Debbie Pamment

Sooo glad you had a good day - I certainly did! Enjoy the rest of your weekend with Kellie - don't laugh too much!!
I know your class will be FABULOUS! Love the card you've done!


So glad you had a super birthday and I can only imagine what a great day you had with all those lovely girls with you!!!

Your card is just BEAUITUFL and I can't wait to see the boy version! You go girl - I'm so glad to see you back in the land of bloggin'!

Luv K


Happy Birthday Kristy, glad you had a good day with your friends.
Have been thinking of you x Have fun with your class.
Sue x


Hey Kristy,
Good to see you back in the mojo. Hope you had a good birthday.
Take care
Philippa xxoo


Happy Birthday Kristy - looks like you had a fun-filled day with lots of yummy things to eat.
Alicia xx


Glad you had a fun time with your stampin' friends - how cool And it's great to hear you are feeling good and getting back into stamping. Take one day at a time and be kind to yourself. Take care x


Oh.. and I love the party hearty card - it's awesome.


Happy birthday Kristy, sounds like you had a great day!


Glad to have been there to share everything with you. Always love our sleepovers, no wait LACK of sleep sleepovers?! Or more you wake me every hour to tell me something, lol! Had a ball, glad to be there for you, that's what friends are for and I am lucky to have you!
Thanks Heaps Princess!

Ramona Michaluk

Love the card Kristy - looks good enough to eat! Don't know why I'm saying that as we had more than enough cake yesterday at your house!

Thanks for a great day - glad you had fun too. Will check back to see your 'boy's card'. :-)


Love the cards! I think someone with great taste helped with the girl card, hint hint, lol! I love what you done with the boy card Kristy, gorgeous! Hope it's even enough for your hubby! hahaha.


Oh I so wish I was there to share that birthday cake!!! So glad you had a good day, and got to still celebrate with your friends!
Love the two card you made with the sketch, they both turned out perfect!!! All the best for that class today!
Take care gorgeous,
Love keesh x


Happy Birthday honey.....big birthday hugs from me ♥ i wish I could have been there to party with you guys :)
I think both your cards are just gorgeous! Also hope your class today is fabulous.


thanks for a wonderful afternoon Kristy, it is always great to catch up with you and all the girls. Love your card, great colours and choice of stamp! See you soon I am sure xx

Nikki Bond

Sounds like you had a fabulous time!...Happy Birthday! Love your card too...the layout is always the card you created is gorgeous!!! {SMILES}


Hi Kristy, thanks for including me in your group of friends, I had a great day. Shame I missed out on leftovers on Sunday lol. Look forward to catching up again with you soon....oh by the way, your cards are gorgeous, I love what you have done with them xx :)