Sunday, May 3, 2009

Convention 2009 Canberra Day 3

WOW! What a fabulous time convention is, today was the last day of classes and what a wow day, so many great classes I loved the class with Sarah Klass that was great, and then the wow’s with Keesh, Marelle and Nikki I see why they call them wow’s. And then ofcourse to finish off the classes we had a general session with Shelli which is just fabulous, she is so motivational and she demonstrated gorgeous cards on stage for us! After that we all left to get all prettied ready for the award night. What a great night a 3 course meal and my table got to have the lovely company of Jill Kocherhans from the US office she is so lovely and sooo funny! Then after dinner we headed into the theatre where we got to see demonstrators being recognised for their achievements. Was sooo Happy to be there to see my upline Kerri win soo many awards and the incentive trip GO KERRI!!! Also great to see good friends Yvonne & Keesh also take home so many awards and Incentive trip and OMG tiffiany and co bracelet!!! AND I cant believe Jacqui Pederson from NZ and Ngaire Anderson from Perth there yearly sales were around the 116,000 for one year wow I was blown away. After the awards was photo op time lol I got some group shots with Kerri’s team and I also managed to see Karen thomas and grab a gorgeous pic with her and then drum roll please lol I got a pic with SHELLI and wow she is gorgeous and sooooo nice and kinda funny cause when I was having my pic taken I kept blinking and after like 6 shots I was like ok I guess that will do cause there were others waiting and Shelli turned to the people and said NO everyone Kristy is not leaving until she gets her perfect pic, lol she is just gorgeous. And boy did her awards on stage speech make me cry with her. Anyway after all that I said goodbye to shelli then flicked through my pics and still wasn’t happy so later when there was only one person waiting I went back and I said Shelli do you mind if I take another pic but I will take it of us as for some reason it turns out better lol she said of course now, mind you shelli had just had her pic taken with probably 400 people lol. And Im happy to say that pic turned out great Convention was such an awesome experience and so inspiring and motivational and most of all FUN!! It was great to finally meet so many demos that I had been chatting to online can’t wait to catch up with everyone again next year in Sydney!! Tomorrow I will share my swaps I received with you, I LOVE my swap Vanessa Webb saved for me of course it was twilight themed.

KristyMyself, Kirsty Brown & Kellie just after a class.

Kellie and I checking how we look before we leave room lol

Walking to awards dinner, very excited can you see how cheeky Debbie is lol

Yvonne, Madonna & sock monkey waiting to enter dinner
LOVE this pic it shows the excitement of the doors opening and being alloweed to enter. Debbie is walking as Im taking this pic lol
Yvonne and Kerri oh and sock monkey
Kerri and I, lol Kerri did you push mhy head out this pic hahah
Keesh and I
Karen Thomas and I
Shelli Gardner and I WOW!


Nikki Bond

It sounds like your having sooo much fun! I can't wait to go to mine in August! Enjoy yourself!!! {SMILES}


didn't think it was going to be so obvious Kristy but yes i did my very best to get my big noggin in there mostly
LOL had a great time with you.

Susannah Iredale

oh it looks like you had an great time cant wait to see all your stuff.


You won't beleive it but I have a very similar photo on my blog of you, Kellie and myself LOL!! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you Kristy. I cannot wait to catch up again!


Hey there Kristy!

Lovely to meet you at convention! Glad you got your pic with me.......although I should have powdered my forhead as I seem to have severe shine happening! lol



Miss happy snap! Love the photos. Esp Deb that is a classic, LOVE IT!

Sarah-Jane Kale'

Fabulous pics Kristy. Hopefully I will get to meet you at next years convention.

xx Sarah