Thursday, April 30, 2009

Convention 2009 Canberra Day 1

YAY finally convention is here!!! well it actualy starts tom, but we all arrived in Canberra today and were shocked at how lovely the weather was, we all thought it was going to be very cold. Anyhoo I will update my blog daily but not always with chat sometimes just pics :) so anyway the first pic is some of us waiting at the airport, Kellie, Kerri, Yvonne, Liz, Sharon, Ramona, Debbie & myself. We were al very excited lol. Its so sureal being here and meeting the peoples blogs i have been following and getting to meet friends I have made through SU. Finally got to meet Makeesha, and she is just as gorgeous in person as she is in emails, also got to meet sock monkey with Madonna dunn lol he is too funny! Ooh and Karen Thomas she is gorgeous and glad I got to meet her plus so many others. Anyway thats it for now, will take pics at conventon tom and upload tom night. Debbie & I
Yvonne, Kellie and I
Kellie and I on taxi bus in Canberra
Me and the view from Kerris hotel courtyard.
keesh and I have to get another one with my eyes open lol
Yvonne and I
Sock monkey and I
Just seeing how many people we can fit in Yvonne and Keesh's room lol

I have a gorgeous pic of keesh jumping on the bed but she wont let me put it on lol, hmm will have to talk her into it lol. anyway See you soon.




I'm so jealous, you look like you're having fun already!!!

love from Gabbie xoxox


Sounds like you guys are having lot's of fun. Now that is just not aloud. Stop that fun right now. lol

Have a great time.


I think that monkey was going for the grope!! PMSL!

Andrea Eppingstall

Thanks for sharing your excitement with us Kristy!! Glad you guys are having a ball! Hopefully will get to go with you all next year!

Debbie Pamment

Don't I have a say about ugly photo of me going on your blog - LOL. Remember I have pics of YOU I can use!!!!!!
mwah mwah


Great pics, and even more wonderful to meet you at last!!!

Maybe a preview of that "on the bed" photo first before you upload it here! lOL!

Hope you have a great week and aren't feeling too flat after all the excitement!

Love Keesh x


LOL love your comment Philippa hehe, gave us a laugh. Love the photos, the photos of the room just don't show how many people we managed to get into such a tiny room, was sooo hot in there. Was a blast loved every moment and was great to share a room with a gorgeous friend such as yourself EVEN if you were WAY to perky in the mornings for my liking, lol. Love Kelx